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Refund Policy

Visible Advertising is an independant booking agent and all instruction for bookings are paid to media owners upon receipt of payment from the client.

We charge a R8.50 placement fee for all bookings as very few media owners give commission to placement aggregators susch as ourselves. In the event of a refund we will need to obtain your funds from the media owner first and then relay the refund to your account.

Refunds are at the sole discretion of the media owner and Visible Advertising will not be held liable for any funds which has been paid to media owners that the media owner refuses to refund on grounds/reasons set forth by the media owners themselves. Visible Advertising therefore is not obligated to refund clients if we do not receive a refund from the media owner.

All handling fee or charges for refunds as set forth by the media owners are passed on to you as the client as well as any penalties for cancelling a contract before its expiration date.

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